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Steve Early For more information on upcoming book events or to arrange a speaking date, contact:

Steve Early
747 Lobos Avenue
Richmond, California 94801

Email: Lsupport@aol.com

Cell: (617) 930-7327
Landline: (510) 260-0636

Steve Early has spoken to many student, labor, community, and political audiences, in the U.S. and abroad.

Among them are: the Harvard Trade Union Program; Center for the Study of Work, Labor and Democracy at UC-Santa Barbara; UCLA Labor Center; International Labor Communications Association; Human Resources Policy Association; Middlebury College; St. Mary’s College; Villanova University; University of Oregon Law School and Portland State; the Brecht, Connolly and Left Forums; the National Union of Healthcare Workers, UNITE-HERE Local 5, the Vermont Progressive Party, Jobs with Justice, and many others.

Steve Early • 747 Lobos Avenue, Richmond, CA 94801 • Cell: (617) 930-7327 / Landline: (510) 260-0636 • lsupport@aol.com
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