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Other Reporting

Room to Grow
Jacobin Magazine >>

By Steve Early

When leftists push their ideals on their kids, politics looks more like drudgery than liberation.

As a left-wing labor activist and father of two now-adult daughters, I once grappled with the challenges of “progressive parenting.”

It was hard enough, I soon discovered, to avoid screwing up the basics of old-fashioned child-rearing — keeping kids safe, healthy, reasonably happy, and well-adjusted. Insuring conformity with parental views and values would have been an additional heavy lift — and an effort that could easily backfire.

Weinsteins in the Workplace:
Will Unions Be Part of the Solution Or the Problem? - Beyond Chron >>

By Steve Early

Unions have their own Weinstein sexual harassment skeletons. Will labor be part of the solution or the problem?

Being a CWA rep was always a learning experience, during my 27 years on active duty with that union. See link below to an account of how one blue-collar CWA affiliate, in a Massachusetts factory town, responded to a workplace harassment case in a fashion that advanced its decade-long struggle to become a more member-driven and effective union....

Ralph's Museum: A Report from Winsted

September 20, 2017
Report From Winsted >> Ralph Nader’s Museum

By Steve Early

My favorite Helena Bonham Carter film is called Margaret’s Museum. In it, she plays Margaret MacNeil, the young widow of a Nova Scotia coal miner killed, on the job, like others in her family before him.

Margaret’s grief leaves her mentally unhinged in a community steeped in fatalism and acceptance. After her release from an asylum, she turns her seaside cottage into a museum depicting the human toll of underground mining. The sign outside, drawing few tourists in the late 1940s, says simply: “The Cost of Coal.”

I thought instantly of this movie, in late July, when I was the sole Sunday morning viewer of exhibits in a Winsted, CT. museum similarly suffused with righteous indignation over the human cost of hazardous products and dangerous occupations...

For more on Ralph Nader's American Tort Law Museum, see:

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