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Refinery Town Discussion Questions:

  1. How can the energy and enthusiasm of Senator Bernie Sanders’ or Jill Stein’s recent presidential campaigns be channeled into electoral politics at the local level?

  2. How do we counter the influence of big money in politics, post-Citizen United?

  3. How can citizen activism turn city hall into a force for tax fairness, economic justice, and public policy innovation?

  4. How do we make “community policing” an effective public safety strategy in cities suffering from street crime, gun violence, or law enforcement abuses?

  5. How do we insure housing affordability and prevent displacement of poor and working class families in rapidly gentrifying communities?

  6. How do we overcome tensions between some unions and environmentalists - ov
  7. er jobs and development - so we can fight global warming with stronger “blue-green” alliances?

  8. How do we build progressive populist movements that are multi-racial but working class oriented—to counter Donald Trump’s blue-collar appeal?
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